Microsoft Corporation

The company is based in Redmond WA; they have filed a total of 16844 positions with the US government. The positions are mainly in the Computer and Mathematical field.
Since 2013 no new jobs have been opened; the last position was filed 9/9/2014.

Note that since the first filling 01/03/2013, 13 positions have been denied This is 0.08 % of all the applications. and 1,755 positions have been withdrawn. The application might have been withdrawn before it was approved. This accounts for 10.42 % of all the applications.

Top jobs at Microsoft Corporation by salary:

Top Cities:

Microsoft Corporation has filed the following LCA for H1B visas or Green Cards:

In Redmond, WA: 11,411 LCA, the average salary was $103,233.
In Bellevue, WA: 2,807 LCA, the average salary was $108,708.
In Mountain View, CA: 631 LCA, the average salary was $118,548.
In Issaquah, WA: 342 LCA, the average salary was $102,697.
In Irving, TX: 172 LCA, the average salary was $90,495.
In Fargo, ND: 107 LCA, the average salary was $77,079.
In Charlotte, NC: 105 LCA, the average salary was $85,566.

Compensation per location:


Microsoft Corporation has filed LCA for H1B visas that have been approved in the following categories:

Computer and Mathematical (13,255), Management (2,257), Not Defined (627), Architecture and Engineering (142), Business and Financial Operations (83), Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media (70), Life, Physical, and Social Science (46), Sales and Related (30), Legal (17), Education, Training, and Library (1),