Stec, Inc.

The company is based in Santa Ana CA; they have filed a total of 46 positions with the US government. The positions are mainly in the Architecture and Engineering field.
Since 2013 no new jobs have been opened; the last position was filed 9/25/2012.

Note that since the first filling 10/14/2011, 5 positions have been denied This is 10.87 % of all the applications. and 2 positions have been withdrawn. The application might have been withdrawn before it was approved. This accounts for 4.35 % of all the applications.

Top Cities:

Stec has filed the following LCA for H1B visas or Green Cards:

In Santa Ana, CA: 24 LCA, the average salary was $103,607.
In San Diego, CA: 12 LCA, the average salary was $90,412.
In Austin, TX: 2 LCA, the average salary was $105,500.
In San Deigo, CA: 1 LCA, the average salary was $94,000.

Compensation per location:


Stec has filed LCA for H1B visas that have been approved in the following categories:

Architecture and Engineering (29), Computer and Mathematical (7), Life, Physical, and Social Science (2), Business and Financial Operations (1),